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Tom's Take #4 // The FA Cup International Break

It’s become hard to shield the FA Cup from the criticism of those who proclaim it dead. When the balls held in the hands of Wayne Bridge and Darren Fletcher on Monday night are the most talked about event of the weekend, you’re left with little room to negotiate your way around the argument.

Tom's Take #3 // How the 'Greatest Show on Earth' threatened to destroy itself

The exposure of Adam Levine’s nipples should have been the most uncomfortable experience during Super Bowl LIII. If the selection of Maroon 5 for the halftime show resembled a fumbling attempt to put a team together with whatever was left in the schoolyard, Levine’s topless excitement did little to lower the already raised eyebrows of the masses. Yet it was the post-game debacle that threatened to undermine the ‘greatest show on Earth’.

Tom's Take #1 // Liverpool's Lost Opportunity

Here it is, the blog that much like an iOS update you probably didn’t think you needed but soon learned to embrace when you realised fighting it was more trouble than it’s worth. Not content with limiting my warped perspectives on things to the weekly podcast or longer article features, you can now enjoy/endure some twisted takes in another forum. It seems only right to start with a Liverpool game.