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Who Are The NBA's Justice League?

Who Are The NBA's Justice League?

With Justice League making its way around the globe in the latest instalment of the comic book genre continuing its quest to take over the world of cinema we take a look at who would form the NBA’s Justice League of America.

Now some of these selections may surprise you and that’s good as we want to provoke debate with this but there is as always key criteria that comes into play.  You can’t just pin Superman to LeBron James because he’s a superhuman freak of nature that seemingly can’t be stopped by anything in this world – hell no – we’re gonna delve deeper, we’re gonna pin this on the intricacies of the character’s backgrounds and personality traits, let’s check who they associate with and their moral compass.


Kevin Durant as Bruce Wayne / Batman:

The leader of the Justice League, an extremely wealthy socialite (that 10 year $300m Nike contract could sure buy a lot of gadgets!) and loner who isn’t afraid to make decisions that will upset the masses.  Equipped with a supply of wondrous tools and weapons (Curry & Klay), powerful vehicles that can withstand any attack (Draymond) and quirky gadgets that seem like a novelty but ultimately get the job done (Swaggy P & Javelllll McGheeee *Shaq Voice*), he is a man that cannot be pinned down.  With Steve Kerr as his Alfred he obtained a father figure and moral compass that helped guide him to victory over the adversaries that ran amok through Gotham a year earlier.  Plus we all know Bruce Wayne thought his Mom Martha was also the Real MVP!


Kyrie Irving as Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman:

The doe eyed superhero who just wants to be his own man. He is someone who portrays other worldly qualities in the blink of an eye, he moves at an unnerving speed that seemingly makes the earth stand still.  This man has been embraced as the adopted son of the Metropolis he now calls home, viewed as the saviour of the city.  Not without his internal conflict he endures moral turmoil when faced with a difficult decision on whether to trust their instincts. Granted Superman never told anyone to “Suck my d*ck!” but we’ll let that slide.


Lebron James  is Diana Prince / Wonder Woman:

An antiquities dealer (Has a penchant for former broken down MVP’s and League Winners) raised in a remote location to be an unconquerable warrior who possesses superhuman attributes and abilities.  The skills developed and honed throughout childhood helped to develop a wide range of extraordinary skills in tactics (renowned for his coach on the court abilities - knows every other team’s playbook), hunting (ask Steph Curry) and combat (tap that bicep one more time big fella). Equipped with an arsenal of weapons, including the Lasso of Truth (I couldn’t think of a better way EVER to describe JR Smith), a pair of indestructible bracelets (K.Love & Tristan Thompson), a tiara which serves as a projectile (headband Bron means business!)

Most importantly, the character is an important public role model representing a minority community and unafraid to wade into a political minefield to stand up to oppressors when required.


Russell Westbrook is Barry Allen / Flash:

A member of the Justice League who moves at superhuman speeds due to his ability to tap into the Speed Force, he dresses in a costume made to resist friction and wind resistance (Russ sure does love his compression accessories).  In addition to his immense superhuman speed and agility he possesses endless stamina, high-level intelligence and regenerative healing (Mr Triple Double does not miss time!).  Adored by his peers, he is a man of no fear who battles a colourful and varied collective of villains (that Western Conference is FULL right now!)


Steven Adams is Arthur Curry / Aquaman:

Lets just be straight up with this one, I’m gonna make an exception to the rules – this can’t be anyone BUT Steven Adams! Residing in a distant, remote location, he thrives in his home environment.  This quiet, intelligent hero possesses brute strength and acts as guardian for those in need of protection (And Russ is thankful).

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