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UFC 218: What's Next?

UFC218 was a bloodbath, and a fun one at that. Dana says it takes time to evaluate a card like this and decide what’s next, whereas I’d compiled a whole new fight card containing all these fighters before Rogan and Anik had even wrapped up the post-fight show. Here I’ll break down each of the match-ups from the main card and give my take on what I think should follow on from this tremendous night of action.

Michael Bisping – A Champion That Deserves More Respect

When you take a look through the UFC roster, most weight divisions carry a champion that is widely regarded as the best fighter in their weight class. A level of respect is shown and it’s acknowledged that he/she is the best fighter at that weight class.  From Stipe Miocic to Amanda Nunes, we as fans recognise how hard the path to a championship is, what they’ve overcome and respect them as the best fighter in their respective division.