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Cage Warriors 86 Results: Wood Vs. Reed Live Updates & Fight Recaps

Cage Warriors 86 Results: Wood Vs. Reed Live Updates & Fight Recaps

Thanks for following CW86 with us. What an event. Goodnight  


Nathaniel Wood (11-3-0) looked to defend his Bantamweight belt against Josh Reed (7-0-0) in the main event. Wood has just won in a one round war. You need to watch this one back asap


Richardson Defeats Foss and Sends the Indigo Berserk

Hakon Foss (8-4-0) looked to bounce back from defeat and make a statement against Jamie Richardson (5-3-0) in the co main event at #CW86. After a back and forth first round, this fight burst into life in the second and it seemed a matter of who's chin would fade first; Jamie Richardson emerged the victor as he sent Foss tumbling to the canvas late in the round and sent the Indigo berserk.


Creasey Sends Marin to Sleep

Sam Creasey (8-1-0) looked to move closer to a flyweight title shot when he took on Paul Marin (12-6-0) and did so in impressive fashion when he brutally knocked out Marin inside the first round. After being dropped early, he rallied back and demonstrated his one punch power as he left Marin sleeping on the mat.


McGolgan Gets the Nod in Bloody War

We had another battle of the Brits next up as Joe McGolgan (4-1-0) faced Sean Carter (12-6-0) in the lightweight division. The first round began and both fighters made it clear that they weren't concerned with any kind of defence; a back and forth 5 minutes was concluded with both faces looking like a bloody mess. The second round was largely the same with both fighters smothering each other's work and landing a few meaningful shots in between. The third round followed in the same vein, both men had beaten lumps out of each other and it was hard to pick a winner; When all was said and done, Joe McGolgan took the win via a split decision.


 'Fatty' Eats Ghaddou Inside 10 Seconds

Kicking off the main card, Swede Junior Karanta (2-0-0) looked to continue the winning start to his career against Adel Ghaddou (4-7-0) and he didn't take long to do so. 'Fatty' floored his French opposition in less than 10 seconds and followed it up with some brutal ground and pound before the referee halted the contest.


Belgian Bombs Detonated on O'Gorman's Chin

Up next we had Irishman Darren O'Gorman (5-2-0) against Brian Bouland (5-2-0). Both men came out trying to set a furious pace and set a stalemate early on. With a minute to go, O'Gorman tried to initiate a guillotine choke from the clinch and this resulted in Bouland taking top position; Bouland rode out the remainder of the round on top.

The second round began with both fighters keeping their cards close to their chests, until Bouland landed a big right hand to drop O'Gorman and landed two more as he regained his feet to finish the fight.


In a battle of Paul v Pole, Paul comes out on top

It was a battle of two unbeaten fighters next as Marcus Paul (1-0-0) faced Maciek Gierszewski (2-0-0). It was Paul v the Pole here and Paul struck early, after a tentative start he landed a takedown and worked quickly into wide control where he was able to then manoeuvre into full mount. After landing a few strikes on top, Maciek rolled and Paul took his back where he was able to stay (despite Maciek temporarily finding his feet) and secure a rear naked choke.


Juska displays brutal knees as he sends Thorne back to the loss column

Next up Arvydas Juska (2-3-0) took on Alex Thorne (5-6-0). The first round began with Thorne desperately trying to secure a takedown and Juska remaining vigilant in his takedown defence. While attempting a takedown, Thorne wound up on the receiving end of Juska's Thai clinch and ate 2 powerful knees to drop him to the canvas; Juska opted to kick his fallen opponent and once the Englishman attempted to find his feet, he was trapped in a guillotine choke and had no choice but to submit.


Saadi makes it a debut to remember

Irishman Eric Nolan (1-1-0) opened the show with a bout against debutant Mehdi Saadi (1-0-0). The Frenchman came out quickly and landed a hard two punch combo before taking Nolan to the mat. Saadi was able to rise into mount and land some ground and pound before slipping a sneaky transition to pull off an explosive armbar to close out the first round.


Luke (top) and Sam (bottom) are here at Cage Warriors 86 and will be providing you with fight reports and updates throughout the night as they happen. You can interact with us on Twitter @SpitballingPod as the night progresses! 

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