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BAMMA 31 Results: Jones Vs. Lohore Live Updates & Fight Recaps

BAMMA 31 Results: Jones Vs. Lohore Live Updates & Fight Recaps

Thanks for following tonight's show with Troy and I, we even graced a few of the VIPs there with our presence (they were all huge SpitballingPod fans, obviously). We'll be back tomorrow to cover Cage Warriors 86, but until then, farewell. 


Brutal KO to end the bad blood in the main event

Nathan Jones v Alex Lahore closed tonight's show as they competed for the Welterweight World Championship. At the end of the first round, Lohore planted a short elbow to wobble Jones and swiftly followed it up with a running knee to leave his opponent sleeping on the canvas. We have a new Champion


Another new Champ in spectacular fashion

Yannick Bahati took on Mike Shipman in the chief support for the BAMMA World Middleweight Championship. Shipman dominated the opening round as he was able to push Bahati back against the fence and landed a takedown. He stayed on top for the majority of the round. The second round started in a similar vein as Shipman pushed the pace early and looked to utilise his offensive wrestling. The tide turned around 2 minutes in however and Shipman appeared to be fading - Bahati landed a takedown and closed out the round on top control. The third round was spectacular - it was all going swimmingly for Bahati until Shipman landed a spinning backfist KO out of nowhere to send the Champ to sleep. Goodnight


Chalmers sends Thompsons jaw spinning to the Geordie Shore

Not much to say here, Aaron Chalmers has just put Alex Thompson to sleep. Watch this KO back, beautiful stuff. 



To kick off the main card live on DAVE, the BAMMA Featherweight World Championship was on the line as Champion Damien Lapilus (15-8-1) took on Daniel Crawford (10-1-0) at the SSE Arena. Crawford was able to take the back of Lapilus fairly early on and began to land some knee strikes to the body, but when the Champion got back to his feet, he landed some sweet kicks to the body. The second round didn't take long, Crawford came straight out and landed a huge hook to wobble Lapilus and it only took one more to drop him; Crawford then landed some big ground and pound before the referee waved off the contest - AND THE NEWWWWWWWW


Montagnani wastes no time in dealing with 'Mantime'

Not much to say about this one, Alex Montagnani realised he doesn't get paid for overtime and KO'd Martin Hudson in the first round!


Rose gets the nod in scrappy affair 

Ollie Mathis (1-3-0) looked to improve his record against Nathan Rose (4-1-0) in a featherweight contest. Rose came out confidently and looked to walk Mathis around the ring, but Mathis was able to secure a takedown around 2 minutes into the round and controlled Rose for the remainder

As soon as the second round began, Rose detonated a huge hook right on the Mathis' button and it looked like the fight would be over, but Mathis was able to regain his feet and steer clear of Rose's following shots as he loaded up too much and telegraphed the majority.

Aside from the major points I've mentioned, it was a largely scrappy affair which resulted in Nathan Rose taking the victory via a split decision.


King makes it a debut to remember  

James Reedman (1-1-0) faced debutant Tommy King (1-0-0) in the next bout of the night and this one didn't take long. King came out firing and stunned Reedman after the first meaningful punch of the contest; He then followed that up with a flurry of punches to end the contest inside the 90 seconds. 


Basharat looks impressive as he records routine win over Tony Hall 

Javid Basharat (4-0-0) continued the unbeaten start to his career as he defeated Tony Hall (3-4-0) at BAMMALondon. He came out quickly and looked dominant from the beginning, eventually pulling off a guillotine choke midway through the second round.


Davies beats Boora in epic fight of the night contender  

Tanvir Boora (2-1-0) was up next against Liam Davies (3-0-0) in another domestic dust up. This one started quickly and it looked like Boora was in serious trouble, before a brief halt to the contest was called as it was revealed that Boora had been hit low. When the action restarted, Davies immediately landed a takedown and got to work with some ground-and-pound in close. Just as it looked like Davies was set to finish the fight, Boora snuck in a knee lock that had Davies screwing his face up in agony; Davies was able to break the grip eventually, but ended the round at the end of some brutal ground strikes that could easily have seen the fight finished.

The second round was essentially just a follow on from the end of the first as Boora had Davies pinned against the cage and landed strikes from the top for the first 3 minutes of the round. As Boora then tried to transition to a more dominant position he wound up on the bottom and was pummelled until the referee eventually halted the contest. Davies jumped on top of the cage in delight as Boora sat against the cage with blood trickling down his face - It was a great back and forth affair and it would be a tough ask to request a better fight tonight.

Davies wins via 'Ground and pound after 3.56 of round 2'


Composed Khalsa ensures a tough debut for Howard

Charlie Boy Howard (0-1-0) made his debut to open the show on Friday night against David Khalsa (2-0-0) in a Featherweight contest (Howard actually weighed in at 155lbs). Both men came out aggressively and Khalsa made a clear effort to land shots to the body early. Both men landed well in a back and forth first round, but you'd probably say Khalsa took it with his cleaner work.

Howard upped his tempo in the second round and threw plenty of low kicks to Khalsa in an attempt to stifle the quick footwork of his opponent. However the low kicks seemed to have little effect on Khalsa, who continued to press forward and ended the second round by flooring Howard and landing several ground strikes. 

Again Howard attempted to up the ante in the final round, but had little success. Khalsa was able to pick him off with a hard jab and fought off a late takedown attempt to seal a victory via split decision, which probably should have been wider. 


Luke (top) and Troy (bottom) are here at the SSE Arena and will be providing you with updates throughout the night as they happen. David Khalsa v Charlie Boy Howard will be up first! 

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