UFC 218: What's Next?

UFC218 was a bloodbath, and a fun one at that. Dana says it takes time to evaluate a card like this and decide what’s next, whereas I’d compiled a whole new fight card containing all these fighters before Rogan and Anik had even wrapped up the post-fight show. Here I’ll break down each of the match-ups from the main card and give my take on what I think should follow on from this tremendous night of action.

Jon Jones – A Villain That Is Loved And Loathed

Let’s be honest, Jon Jones is a different breed all together. The guy is the youngest UFC champion in history, has a resume of victories that includes the likes of Shogun, Rampage, Machida and Cormier and is blessed with pretty much every attribute you could wish a UFC fighter to have.

Demetrious Johnson: The Champion Has Let Us All Down

It was confirmed last night that UFC 215 will be headlined by Demetrious Johnson defending his Flyweight title against the ‘Taz-Mexican’ Ray Borg on September 9th at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta. The event will be co-headlined by Amanda Nunes defending her Womens Bantamweight title against Valentina Shevchenko. Fans have long been defending Demetrious Johnson when it seemed he was lacking support from the top brass in the organisation, but this time it seemed he finally could have had his breakthrough moment, and he let us all down.

Michael Bisping – A Champion That Deserves More Respect

When you take a look through the UFC roster, most weight divisions carry a champion that is widely regarded as the best fighter in their weight class. A level of respect is shown and it’s acknowledged that he/she is the best fighter at that weight class.  From Stipe Miocic to Amanda Nunes, we as fans recognise how hard the path to a championship is, what they’ve overcome and respect them as the best fighter in their respective division.