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Ricardo Ramos: Mental Strength

Ricardo Ramos had just turned 14 when he first began training in the art of jiu-jitsu; he was introduced to the practice by a friend of his father and he explained that the gym let him train for free in exchange for helping out around the place with cleaning and other jobs where required.

Eryk Anders: Passing the Torch

Early in the 2007 season, the Green Bay Packers and their devoted fan-base had no idea what life would be like after Brett Favre eventually retired. The then-37-year-old quarterback had been with the team for 15 seasons, but had minced with the prospect of retirement for several years. For the past two seasons, Favre had been a sub-par quarterback but his legacy alone had kept him firmly in the driving seat when it came to the QB role and seemingly there was nobody to challenge him for his place on the throne.