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Buddy McGirt: Looking Back

Quiet would be the wrong word to describe Buddy McGirt; he remains reserved while discussing his successes and is perfectly straight-talking when discussing the intricacies of the sport. Ahead of his induction to the International Boxing Hall of Fame this weekend, he spoke with perfect consideration as he rolled back the years and went back to where it all began - not to the level of a Chris Eubank, but instead you are left with the feeling that he just doesn’t waste a word; perhaps something that’s been developed during his time as a trainer, or instead it could just be the mark of a man that is happy enough, and has become used to standing in the background, while the fighters that he develops are allowed to take the plaudits for months of work in the gym.

Victor Morales: No Clichés

They say once you catch the buzz for boxing, there is no going back; Victor Morales told me ‘I did plenty of sports – I played baseball and basketball even before boxing, but I walked into the gym with my Dad in West Portland around 5 or 6 and started boxing at 7 and from there it’s been nothing else.