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Cortney Casey: No Complaints

Cortney Casey: No Complaints

Cortney Casey steps into the UFC Fight Night 135 octagon tomorrow evening to square off against Angela Hill in a clash that promises to promote the victor back into contention at the top of the Straw Weight division.

SpitballingPod’s Brad Dobbing caught up with Casey to see how she is preparing to put a frustrating year behind her.

BD: “How’s camp going?”

CC: “Camp is going good, it was a little bit short but we’re getting the job done, we’ve had to fix a couple of things and make a few adjustments but yeah we’re good to go.”

BD: “You’ve taken quite a few short notice fights now, the company (UFC) must look at you as someone who can show up and when they need someone to perform to a high level of competition and give the fans what they want your name must be high up on their list?”

CC: “Yeah I definitely think I’m one of the first people they call for sure, I think this is my sixth short notice fight now.”

BD: “Was 6 weeks’ notice enough? Do you feel that gives you enough time to be dialled in as much as you would want to be?”

CC: “Yeah, it’s like 4 working weeks and then the week of the fight so it’s more like 5 weeks total but it was enough time.”

BD: “It must have been a pretty frustrating last 12 months for you after the two split decision losses and then all the carry on with the drug test results against Jessica Aguilar (Casey was incriminated over a positive drug test which was later overturned but the drawn out process prevented Casey from competing), you must be itching to get in there and put the record straight?

CC: “ For sure it’s been a long 12 months, this will be my first fight in 9 months, it feels like a long time since the whole Texas thing and trying to get over all that but we’re trying to keep moving in the right direction and I think we’re doing that. I’m growing as a fighter and so I can’t complain about that, I have a great camp now; I’m back in Arizona and fighting out of MMA Lab and have great coaches and teammates around me so I’ve been evolving in the environment around me so now it’s time to put everything together.”

BD: “How do you feel you match up well against Angela?”

CC: “I think stylistically we match up well, she is really aggressive, she likes to come forward a lot, she’s a heavy kicker and has got heavy hands so we’re definitely going to stand and give the fans a good show.  We’re both really aggressive on our feet and both really active.  When it does go to the ground, she’s really good at scrambling, even though she’s been caught a few times in submissions and stuff like that but you know she scrambles well.  We think she’ll try to keep it standing for sure but you never know, a lot of people do tend to have success in taking me down but we’ll see how it goes.”

BD: “I agree, if you look back at past fights it definitely lends towards this being an action packed fight.  When you look particularly at your last 3-4 fights the win-loss column doesn’t really tell the whole story, two split decisions that could have went either way, when you win you tend to win emphatically but when you lose, you’ve never been stopped, you’re picking up Fight of The Night awards, it seems like it’s just one or two things that need to go your way for you to get that winning streak going again?”

CC: “I’ve been fighting the top of the top since I made my debut in the UFC so I can’t really complain about the opponents that I’ve got, sometimes it just doesn’t go my way but at the end of the day I’ve got a few finishes inside the UFC, coming within the first round, a decision win against Jessica Aguilar who was arguably one of the best in the division so it’s definitely nice to get another tough opponent in Angela but we’ll see how the fight goes but we’re ready to go.”

BD: “You’ve said previously you actively want the best names out there and want to test yourself against the best around, you’re now hovering outside the top 10 rankings and if this win goes your way it puts you right back in that mix at the top again and when you look up there it’s anyone’s for the taking especially below the top 3 where one or two wins can see you right back up there again?”

CC: “Absolutely, the rankings are starting to even out a little bit and all the top fighters are having to fight each other now, I think in the next 6-8 months there’s gonna be a lot of movement within our division and it’ll open up a little bit but we have a few up and comers coming through into the division that just got ranked as well so it’s exciting and I believe it’s the most exciting division alongside the men’s 155 lb division so it’s definitely exciting to be a part of it.”

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