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SpitballingPod Interviews Colby 'Chaos' Covington

SpitballingPod Interviews Colby 'Chaos' Covington

Recently Spitballing’s own Rory Ford caught up with Colby Covington who is quickly establishing himself as one the UFC’s top welterweights. They spoke past experiences, his upcoming fight with Demian Maia and plenty more.

The audio is attached but unfortunately, we lost some quality so below is the transcript.

Rory: Hello, is that Colby?

Colby: Yeah

Rory: It's Rory calling from the SpitballingPod, how are you doing?

Colby: Hey man, how you doing?

Rory: I’m really good, thanks for taking some time to speak with us today. I know you have a busy schedule coming up with it not being long till your next fight.

Colby: Absolutely

Rory: If I can just start with Demian Maia, many consider him to be a legend of the sport, just how big is this fight with him?

Colby: It’s a big fight, he’s the last guy to fight for a world title. If I go out there and make a statement on him it shows I’m ready for a title shot. But I do just look at it as the next fight for me, I believe I am the best in the world so it’s just the next step.

Rory: Does it make any difference with the fight being in Brazil, we obviously know about the fans out there?

Colby: The beauty of it is they are all going to be cheering against me but that will just fire me up and bring out a different Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington compared to what the worlds ever seen and rise to the occasion and finish Demian Maia. I’m not going to let it go to the judges’ scorecards because I know who they will be favouring. I will be coming out with a sense of urgency.

Rory: That’s obviously what the fans love seeing. It does look an interesting fight style wise. You have some the best wrestling in the division and Maia has his BJJ style. How do you see that matching up?

Colby: I am the most well-rounded guy in the world, Demian Maia can only win the fight taking the fight to the ground. I feel my style matches up with him very well and I’m going to expose him. I’m going to show you can’t beat me being one dimensional.

Rory: Did you take anything from his last fight where he struggled to take Tyron Woodley down?

Colby: Yeah, I take a lot from it and I have a lot better wrestling that Woodley. He managed to fight off all the takedowns but you can’t get complacent in that Octagon. You have to expect Demian Maia to keep shooting in on takedowns and I’m going to be prepared for that. I’m going to tag him up and keep defending when he shoots.

Rory: Is this a fight you asked for? I know you’ve been vocal in wanting Woodley but was Maia a guy you asked for?

Colby: I’ve been asking for Maia for the last year. I feel my style matches up well against his against and the great thing is no one else wants to fight him. Everybody is running away from Demian Maia whilst I’m running towards him. It’s a fight that sets me up for a title shot so I’m really excited for October 28th in front of the whole of brazil.

Rory: You’ve been very vocal on Woodley and even called him a fraud, what did you mean by that?

Colby: He’s a fake, he’s a fraud. Exactly what I said! The fans don’t like his style so he starts saying racism. Stop playing the victim card. He’s acting like the victim saying the fans hate me and its racist, like come on man that’s being a fraud. I want to expose Woodley I can promise that.

Rory: You’ve mentioned this is the stepping stone to the title, how close would a win over Maia put you?

Colby: Just look at the landscape of the division. Lawler isn’t getting another shot after being knocked out in 40 seconds, Wonderboy had two chances and who’s next Jorge Masvidal maybe? He lost to Damien Maia. If I emphatically beat Maia then that puts me in there.

Rory: We can see from your record you’ve had third round finishes and decision wins, does your endurance rank as big factor in this fight? Maia has been accused of slowing down in fights before.

Colby: That’s a huge advantage, I’m in my prime. I am in peak physical condition and the best of my life. I’m young and he’s 39, he’s not the same guy as when he was 25. I think I’m going to put a pace on him that he can’t match. He’s still dangerous but I will break Damien Maia.

Rory: Looking at your record in the UFC it’s impressive with only one loss, how much did you learn from that fight?

Colby: Honestly, it’s the biggest regret of my life and I learnt so much from it. That’s what was life is about you make a mistake and you learn. Honestly, I beat myself, I didn’t lose to another fighter. I wasn’t mentally right because I had a fractured rib that’s documented on UFC documents with UFC doctors. I shouldn’t have even been fighting that night but I’m a company-man and I have a contract. I honoured my contract, I’m a real dude. I didn’t lose to another fight I beat myself. I learnt so much from that and that still fuels me. I wake up from dreams about that fight and it makes me train harder and become the best well rounded fighter in the world.

Rory: Do you feel there is that pressure on fighters to go out there and perform even if they aren’t 100%?

Colby: Yeah, I mean if you don’t fight you don’t get money. Like that fight I was broke, I had college fees and was borrowing money from my family and my friends. I was broke and I had no choice. I couldn’t even train when I broke my rib two weeks before the fight. I just showed up, made weight and I fought. I couldn’t move my torso or my abdomen. It even hurt to cough. But yeah there is that pressure because you gotta make money. I showed up and I beat myself that night but I learnt from that mistake.

Rory: You just mentioned your college and touching on that - how important is your collegiate wrestling background? A lot of guys have a striking background but how important is your wrestling game?

Colby: Yeah you know, it’s important having the background and skills that I have mean I get to dictate where the fight goes. If I want to go to the ground and beat you up there then I can do that. If I wanna use my wrestling to get guys nervous about the takedown and then come up with big strikes I can do that. Having my skillset is the most dangerous skill set. I am the most well-rounded guy in the world. I can strike with the best strikers and I can grapple with the best grapplers.

Rory: You mentioned earlier you feel in your prime. Is 29 the age you continue that ascent to the title?

Colby: 110%, I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. Before sometimes I was there mentally but not physically or physically but not mentally. Now I feel it’s all there. I do feel ready for anything thrown at me and I’m prepared. I really do believe I’m the best welterweight on the planet and it’s only a matter of time before I take Tyron Woodley’s belt.

Rory: Just one final question on that theme of you and Woodley, without looking past Maia, you have mentioned Woodley as a possible after this fight. Is there any added edge with that ATT (American Top Team) connection?

Colby: That’s the thing that guys a fake like I said. He claims to be ATT, he’s not ATT. He maybe comes to ATT once a year. He trains at Duke Rufus. He’s in Milwaukee with Anthony Pettis and Ben Askren, you can’t get split time in between gyms and claim to be ATT. He literally came to ATT once in the last three years and that was before the Demian Maia fight. He isn’t at the main academy, he’s not my team mate and he’s not ATT in Coconut Creek so I don’t consider him a team mate. He’s my enemy and I’m going to take what’s his. He knows what comes with me as an opponent, I will break him. I have the game to beat him. Just like Rory MacDonald, Nate Marqaurdt and Jake Shields. I am a better fighter than those guys and I will expose Tyron Woodley. He’s not my team mate!

Rory: I really do thank you for your time and good luck for your next fight.

Colby: Thanks a lot, much respect dude.

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