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SpitballingPod Interviews Spike O'Sullivan

SpitballingPod Interviews Spike O'Sullivan

Last night I had the pleasure of catching up with Irish Middlweight Spike O’Sullivan ahead of a proposed fight with Philly’s own Gabe Rosado. You can listen to/ read the full interview below.

Spike: Hi Luke, how’s things?

Luke: Yeah all good thanks. Last time I saw you, we were in Birmingham and Anthony Ogogo had just lost to Craig Cunningham. How frustrating was it to build a fight up like that, only to see it collapse at the final hurdle?

Spike: Yeah it was very frustrating. I was quite surprised actually, I thought he’d be better than he actually was. He was quite poor.

Luke: Was the fight ever close to happening?

Spike: Well Sky Sports asked me to come over and they wanted it to happen. I wanted that fight and I’d still fight him. I think he’s actually making a comeback.

Luke: So you’d still like to make the fight happen?

Spike: Yeah I’d really like to smash him up. I don’t like him.

Luke: You fought 3 times overseas last year, how’s that been?

Spike: Yeah it was good, I was able to keep sharp, keep fit and in shape.

Luke: The next fight is with Rosado, what was the motivation for taking this fight, and how did this one come about?

Spike: After my last fight, there was a guy there from ESPN. He said he’d been there for my last 3 fights and he’d like me to main event on ESPN on September 30th, so I was more than happy to oblige there. They had a list of names, I agreed to fight them all and I was gonna fight Glen Tapia first, but I don’t know what ended up happening with him. Then it was made with Gabe Rosado and it looks like things are breaking down with him as well, he’s been contacted by ESPN and Goldenboy but I don’t think he wants to fight. They have someone else on standby I think as they’re having issues negotiating with Rosado.

Luke: So you definitely have the date, but you’re still waiting for Rosado to be tied down?

Spike: Yeah pretty much, that’s it.

Luke: Is that a fight you’d like, or is there anyone you’d prefer?

Spike: It’s a fight I’d like, Martin Murray had a tough night with him and I’d like to smash him up and make a statement.

Luke: What did you think of the Martin Murray fight? Do you think it’s a style that matches up well with yours?

Spike: Yeah I think so, I think Golovkin and Lemieux smashed him up and I can kind of replicate their styles. I think I can get him out of there.

Luke: The fight is in Boston isn’t it, is that right?

Spike: Yeah that’s right. The venue we’re gonna fight at, it’ll be my fourth time fighting there, so it’s like a home fight for me.

Luke: That was the next question I was going to ask actually – whether you would feel like the home fighter

Spike: Yeah I think the supporters would be on my side, not his. He’s an American, but there’s a lot of Irish there and they will have seen my last 3 fights.

Luke: So other than fighting at home in Ireland, this is the next best option isn’t it?

Spike: Yeah, or the UK. I like the UK fans as well.

Luke: Just finally, what’s the ultimate goal for you in boxing?

Spike: I’ve always wanted to become a World Champion and it’s no different now. I’m getting better all the time, I’ve only been beaten by two World Champions – Eubank Jr and Billy Joe Saunders. When you look back at the one occasion too, then my ear drum burst which was very disorientating.

Luke: Well thanks for giving me some of your time anyway. Hopefully the fight with Rosado gets tied down and we’ll look forward to seeing it. Good luck.

Spike: Thanks very much Luke, good to speak to you again.

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