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SpitballingPod Interviews Chris Eubank Jnr

SpitballingPod Interviews Chris Eubank Jnr

Chris Eubank Jnr took some time out of his training camp in Las Vegas this week to speak to SpitballingPod about his upcoming fight with Avni Yildirim. You can hear the interview in full below, or read the transcript if you'd prefer. Enjoy.

Luke: Hi Chris, thanks for giving me some of your time

Chris: How you doing man, you alright?

Luke: Yeah, I’m all good thanks. How was it going in Las Vegas? Were you there to help Floyd or are you just running your own training camp out there?

Chris: I’m training alongside him; I’ve been with him a lot over the last 3 or 4 weeks. It’s been a great experience being part of his final training camp

Eubank Mayweather.jpg

Luke: Is this something you do regularly, or did you just want to be a part of this one as it’s such a big event?

Chris: I’ve trained alongside Floyd on a number of occasions; I was with him when he trained for Maidana and Pacquiao. I have a long history with his father, he was my main trainer out here when I was growing up in the amateurs; whenever I come out here, we do pads and we work together. When I heard that this fight was going to be taking place, I definitely wanted to make sure I could be a part of it.

Luke: The next fight is with Avni Yildirim; Do you know much about him or have you seen much of him?

Chris: I haven’t seen much of him, I’ve seen one or two fights. That’s all I really need to see, I know his style and I have a pretty good idea of what he’s going to bring to the table on the night – I’m training accordingly

Luke: You had the choice of opponents – what made you choose Yildirim?

Chris: I wanted the most exciting fight I could get, the toughest opponent and someone I knew would make for a fan-friendly fight. With the styles we have, I think this will make for a great one.

Luke: Do you train specifically for your opponents, or are you a believer in that if you bring what you have to the table on fight night, then you’ll be successful?

Chris: The basics are always the same, but you have to tweak certain things, whether someone is a southpaw, a come forward fighter or something else. You work to your opponents weaknesses and ensure you’ve got it there to exploit them.

Luke: What was the thinking behind taking this fight to Germany?

Chris: That was not our choice. The Sauerland Brothers and the WBSS wanted the fight to be in Germany. For me it doesn’t matter where it is – it could be in a phone box for all I care, as long as I get the win, that’s all I care about.

Luke: If all goes to plan, then it’s Groves next. Is it frustrating having to get this one out the way first, or are you looking forward to the challenge?

Chris: It’s what I’ve got to do to make the fight. There’s no rush, it’s in January so it’s not far away. It gives me more time to prepare, get stronger and fitter and make sure I take that title.

eubank abraham.png

Luke: In your last fight, you went the distance with a well established fighter in Abraham. Was that reassuring to dominate a fighter like that in such impressive fashion?

Chris: Yes, definitely. I think of all the great fighters that have beaten him, I beat him the most clearly. I took a lot of confidence away from that performance.

Luke: Between the Abraham fight and the next one, there will have only been a three month gap. Is that long enough for you or would you have liked longer?

Chris: I haven’t really had a break. I’ve been in the gym since the week after the fight. No breaks, I’m in the prime of my life now, so I need to be in the ring as often as possible in my opinion.

Luke: Do you know if this fight will be on ITV?

Chris: I’m actually not sure who will be televising this yet.

Luke: I’ve been to nearly all of your last fights and it seems to be busier each time. Have you felt your profile growing?

Chris: For sure, that’s what happens if you keep winning and putting on great performances. Your fanbase grows and so does your hater-base. People are coming even if it’s to see you lose, but regardless, they’re still buying tickets. I’ve definitely seen an increase in the support.

Luke: Have you had an increased urge to fight in America after seeing it during some of the Mayweather fight weeks?

Chris: Absolutely – particularly Vegas, it’s the Mecca of boxing. I definitely see me fighting here at some point next year

Luke: How do you see the fight playing out with Yildirim?

Chris: As far as I can see, hes a come forward fighter and his chin hasn’t been tested. He’s going to walk onto shots and if he’s tough it’ll be an exciting fight, or if not then he’ll feel the shots, start retreating and I’ll have to use my boxing skills for twelve rounds. My intention is to go out there and stop him.

Luke: Thanks for giving us some of your time, and good luck for the fight.

Chris: Thank you, bye.

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